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2011 Update

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The last time I wrote on this blog, my blog, I ‘reviewed’ The Selby, that was August last year and I don’t even think Mystic Meg and her balls could have predicted the journey I have taken so far. I sort of had a plan, I knew that I’d want to be in the creative industry, ideally at a magazine, I even had plans for my own magazine ‘Feature’ and secured an exclusive interview with Jon Burgerman but unfortunately the person who was building the website absolutely did one half way across the world. New Zealand to be precise. Therefore that got shelved but it is still in my life long plan, I think it is so important to support those debt ridden students coming fresh faced and virgin like out of university into the big, bad, well hung world aka the reality of getting a job you graduated in. But I’ll save that for another rime.

For the two people who will actually continue to read this post after the first sentence, you probably know me personally and I’m sure you know my journey so far. So what I will do is share something quite intimate, no not that intimate but I’m sure if you Google me they will appear on a paid entry website but rather the below. I wrote this to myself at aged 17 when I was working at an independent record label for £4.50 per hour, plodding along, frustrated that I couldn’t draw but having this feeling deep down that I would achieve something. I recently found it in my pantie drawer, I had totally forgot about writing it, it has been 6 years and I’m glad I did.  I think, nay I strongly believe if you are frustrated, write yourself a little note, tuck it away in your pantie drawer, work towards it and many years later you will stumble upon it and your soul will smile.


The picture is not the clearest I could get it as the note has been through the wash. So here is what it says I’ve even included the seemingly conceited parts however I left the last sentence out, high five if you can make it out. It scared me a little.

‘By the time I am 25 years old I will be running my own successful business. Stay focused, stay within reality, think of the future and how you will help others. People will admire and aspire to be me. I can and I am able to do so’

PS NOT RELATED TO THIS POST BUT LASTFM.COM IS THE BEST THING EVER!!! Ginuwine – Pony has just come on and I ‘whined’ in my bed in my pj’s, now there is a mental image to warm your cockles.


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August 28, 2011 at 11:21 am

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