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I hate Art Culture

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I was thinking about this just yesterday and the value that Art holds, both monetary and influential that pieces like the Mona Lisa hold if any at all. Firstly as one of my favourite quotes goes ‘A Diamond has no Value except that which is placed upon them’ so when paintings like Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II by Gustav Klimt sell for $87 MILLION BUCKS! To a private collector may I add – what conclusion or even better, reasoning do they have  to justify spending a shizer load of cash on a piece of artwork that just looks ‘pretty’ and will no doubt either hang above this ego-testicles desk whilst his builds forts from his gold bullions like they were lego pieces or even worse stay his some private Swiss bank until he pops his diamond encrusted cloggs, for it then to go back to Christies to sell for $124 MILLION BUCKS (my estimate do not hold me or my blog to account for anything we write wow I just referred to myself and my blog as one entity, scary). Art has been hijacked by the Capitalist vultures so eager to monopolise every inch of our global heritage and our future. This is what makes Art repugnant, these hoarders and those artists who literally sell themselves to the highest bidder. People like Damien Hirst who as everyone knows I absolutely despise. And on a related note, I have it on good authority that Mr.Hirst whose eye sore diamond encrusted skull, which wouldn’t look out of place around Rick Ross’s fat turkey neck, did NOT cost £12 million pounds to make nor did he do ANY of the leg work – he runs a sweat like shop of struggling artists who ‘help’ him with his works whilst he makes £43 million on a conflict enrcrusted diamond skull – if I was Jacob the jeweller I’d be screwing. Just saying. Sorry back to the point actually no not point back to my release all I have to say as my mind is hurting ART=FART. We will have no revolution not in the art world or the real world. So kids stay away from fine art at University – get a REAL JOB!

Hope these were conflict free

She ain't no Megan Fox that's for sure


Written by gripse

August 4, 2010 at 5:02 pm

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