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Well reason being mainly I don’t have much to say or share until now and to be honest I totally forgot about this blog thingy till some racist EDL/BNP told me to blow myself up etc on one of my posts – I have your IP address and email you prat – emailing that shit from work could get you fired…. just think about that one. Yes so, another reason being was that I hate the term blogger, don’t people find it embarrassing to call themselves a ‘blogger’, like is being a full time ‘blogger’ is the new black?! Like Tavi – Lord have Mercy – poor dear hasn’t even had her first visit from – how can I put this politely – oh yes – Lady in Red but yet she can influence women (apparently) and designers (apparently) with her views on fashion – I once read a post she did on Chloe – and it went as follows ‘OMG CHLOE, SO AMAZING, SO COOL, SO LIKE EXTRA COOL’ – well something along those lines. I think it’s really unhealthy that she is selling herself (not her body) to the highest bidder. What happened to being a kid, riding bikes, breaking into the job centre next door to you to steal phonebooks to start a fire?! Are these days long gone? Maybe I’m being harsh on little pixie Tavi, maybe her deepest desire is to become a doctor and help cure Aids. Which brings me onto my next subject – why is every mother-effer a DJ/Stylist/Photographer/Designer? If I could go back I’d seriously re-do a lot of things and not be so flippant when deciding on my future career but I’m working with what I have. I admire those who go to college/uni and study law, dentistry, electrical engineering – a proper trade unlike those poor sods who go for photography, graphic design and all the other arty farty stuff. I will probably get shot down for this but ah well. If you need to go to uni to learn how to take a picture then you really should put the camera down. I’m not gonna sit here and preach as I went to uni to study Illustration but dropped out as I wasn’t learning anything new – I was teaching myself new things and to put myself into £15,000 – it was not worth it. That’s the great thing about having these sorts of things as hobbies because you can learn things by yourself, at your own pace etc. I truly believe the world doesn’t need another graphic designer – look at how many have access to Illustrator/Photoshop and all those free tutorials on the net and it seems now anyone with a camera can be a photographer. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing I don’t know but I feel sorry for those who come out of uni, saddled with debt and in reality will be competing with thousands of other graduates for that one job where they could have been earning a full time wage (even if its a boring office job) but pursuing their dreams outside that 9 till 5 and having money to finance it. Everyone’s trying to be different but all end up the same.

I have no idea where this post came from as I was going to tell you about some stuff I’m working on but now I’m not in the mood. And I’m not here to offend anyone but 50,000 design students graduated in 2007 – and that was rising last time I checked. Before I go I want to show you guys a good example of  ‘doing it yourself whilst working and getting noticed’. (if you want me to remove it I will)

He never went to uni but he is making moves in the world of Illustration. Just shows if you’re talented, you will get noticed.

Now here’s a funny picture:


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April 29, 2010 at 8:38 pm

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