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 I subscribed to this ages ago and I’m wondering why I even bothered. Maybe it was because I was having a confidence crisis when it came to designing, who knows but it is definitely not a magazine worth subscribing  to if you are at University or even over the age of 18. I personally think it’s fine if you are at college and just getting into the whole design atmosphere but it should be used as a stepping stone. I’m quite annoyed at myself that I didn’t continue my subscription with Grafik magazine or even start subscribing to AdBusters. I’m not Computer Arts bashing in the slightest, I like the little part at the end where they exposure little known deisgners work, I like the features they have on Studio’s and Designers and I’m liking the direction they are going in with their editorial work but the magazine overall is not worth the subscription fee. Sure their tutorials are useful but it has no content the magazine doesn’t you require to think about the bigger picture when it comes to design but a fancy way to use filters, layers. Whereas AdBusters is a magazine that makes you think – and I really don’t want to use the word politically but that is the only word I can really think of at the moment. Grafik magazine is more of a whole package, they consider everything and I don’t just mean content but how they package their magazine – which is probably the overall finished magazine you can buy in a shop like Boarders (I’m not counting magazine like Arktip or Refil as they are on another level completely).

So what I’m saying is this – if you ever in Boarders flick through Computer Arts magazine but make sure you walk to the counter with Grafik instead.


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September 21, 2009 at 10:44 am

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