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Okay I am coming upto my final day working at my old workplace – (yes, I do wear a headset sometimes like the wonderful lady in the picture minus the scary smile) and all I can say is – ALL YOU WHO WORK IN AN OFFICE – I SALUTE YOU! Never before have I realised how soul destroying it is. Observing the 9 till 5’vers routine is quite extraordinary – I feel like Sir David Attenborough observing a rare exotoic animal in the wild – they are creatures of habit. They work, complain about their jobs, share gossip over a Starbucks (no longer the water cooler), get really REALLY excited when they have a date (applies to females only, males prefer to boast about their latest conquest), they become ever more excited when they are out on the razzle (the pull for you common folk). ‘I got sooooo drunk last night – but I had a really good night’…. yes okay sure you did, you can’t remember anything, you were probably fondled by a greasey Albanian and you look even more unattarctive than you do normally. So yeah thumbs up! All complainign aside I am grateful for the money, I don’t do much work sitting here and I leave on Monday.


Moving on – O2 bill of £312 need to be paid. I was on a good run, I have avoided paying it since early August and the time I need it most they cut me off, they must have known I really needed my emails, BBM and the rest of it. On a happier financial note – Student Loan has been approved! Now hurry up and give me my £1,700!

Finances – I’m no good with money and I don’t think I am the only member of this club. So when I do get my student loan – it will be a difficult one – I really want to go on this trip but I’m in turmoil. Firstly it’s a huge trip, scary but I know if I go it will benefit me so much. It will cost about £1,800 all together and as I type this I’m wondering why I’m so anxious and stuff and that I should just do it but I know in the evening (evenings are so depressing) I will feel all anxious about it. But more of that later.

Having a nightmare of a time not being able to organise things. That includes printing stuff. Oh also lost without the internet at home but I finally got rid of BT. Have no idea who to go with now. Virgin media??

I had so much more to write about my ebaying and how this bloody eeejat wants $450 for his maagzine collection, I offer $250 he counter offers with $275 I counter offer with $260 then he comes back with $300 – what a twit. But I have said I will pay $275 but that’s it and if he declines then his loss because he ain’t getting anymore than that for them. Secretly hoping he declines as the money I can save for my trip or O2 bill but really need these magazines for my collection – Avant Garde magazine – look it up.

Well I think that is as much as I am sharing today as my elbow really hurts and I cannot believe it is only 10.21am. Only like 7 more hours to go.

………… Note to self must post stuff to LA tonight!

Till later


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September 18, 2009 at 9:22 am

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