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turns your old cassettes into MP3 files!

turns your old cassettes into MP3 files!


I remember when I had a Sony cassette player, it had 5 buttons – STOP/PLAY/REWIND/FFWD/OPEN, remember when you had to take the tape out and listen to side B of your cassette, sometimes the tape would get stuck and it would eat the tape – which you took from your big brothers bedroom (Diana King/Apache Indian RIP). Then we all moved onto the COMPACT DISC, then came along the MP3 players from Argos for £14 then that giant called Apple came out with the IPod. I don’t know about you guys but all over the house there are classics on tape..Charles & Eddie, UB40, Madonna etc etc, now some genius has come up with the TAPEWRITER! What it does is this…turns your tapes into MP3 files!!! Yes the sound maybe not be perfect but that was the charm of the tape back then.

‘This fully functioning cassette deck is also a converter, to transfer all the music and memories to MP3 format on your computer. It’s as easy as plug and play—no drivers needed. And there’s a built-in speaker so you can hear the music as you record. Software is included to improve sound quality, too’.


Wow even comes with software to improve on the sound quality!

I found this and it made me smile that people still think about them things call tapes.

If you know anyone with a huuuuuuuuuuge tape collection and needs to step into the 21st century, but them on if these.

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June 28, 2009 at 3:20 pm

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