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back of his head.

back of his head.

So yes, sketchbooks. I have been trying hard to keep them but you get so easily distracted. For Illustrators more so than Graphic Designers a sketchbook is a must. It helps develop an idea, map out your thoughts or in my case improve on your observational drawing. I use to be really precious about how i presented my sketchbook and how it looked but im slowly moving out of that zone and into the ‘I don’t care if it’s just a splash of paint on the page it’s work’. Too many people (including myself in the past) are precious of filling the page, this is wrong and makes your composition and work in general looked forced. With my current sketchbook I have kept with using just pigment ink and pencil. Writing this i know i should use paint/mixed media and i will start. What im trying to say is don’t be afraid to share your sketchbooks and don’t be too precious about them. The examples I have given are by no means great but they are the start of something and if I’m struggling on a brief I can come back to these and they may help me. Looking through my old ones I have found some bloody gems! And I will defo be using some of the stuff I have found in them for the future.



go with the flow

go with the flow

Written by gripse

June 10, 2009 at 9:57 pm

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