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Some people have no idea what I do and think I’m just a lazy bum, well I’ll have you know I’m actually a hard working student bum, there is a difference. I studied design at college and everyone seems to these days but i never actually really worked hard at it until i left college and took a year out of design and realised it’s something i want to do even if i’m not the best at it. The year out was a killer, creatively speaking and i should have done the HND etc etc but too late – unless someone has a time machine. Getting back into the past few months has been good but I have realised just how much i have missed out on. So from now on it’s head down and work time. But deciding on a style is very hard, at college it was mixed media and now i have gone down the pure hand illustration route, finding a balance somewhere in between in the next 2 years i have left at uni is a must.

On a less confusing note I’m now on board with the Rise group, just some work experience check em out

Above is a t shirt i’m getting done but just for myself and a few close friends.I mean c’mon who doesn’t have their own label these days?!?

Till next time I decide to share my thoughts with you.



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June 5, 2009 at 2:34 pm

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